Thank you all..

For your messages, your comments, your donations and support.

I don’t have the time to thank you all personally, but I have read them and I am truly grateful to have your support. I really mean it. Thank you. I hope that you all continue to stay in contact with me, even if I end up in prison.

I am going to get to Seattle late tonight. Again, to all of those I didn’t get a chance to see, I’m sorry. To my friends, loved ones, etc, I love you with all of my tiny skipping heart.

9/10/12 @ 5:41pm • 65 ♥

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  8. loon-struck said: wonderful and strong lady, eat a hearty wayward meal and rest assured that you’ve got a loving fellowship in every corner of this country. hearts/thoughts/spirits are with you. those bastards will eat their shit for this.
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